About Streak-Challenge

What is Streak-Challenge?

Streak-Challenge is a tool which keeps track of your running streak. Once you’ve joined you are able to start a streak-challenge and from now on can hit the Strike! button everytime you do your strike run. You are able to get some statistics about your running and you get a banner which shows your progress and can for example be used in the signature of your favorite forum or your blog.

Why should I use streak-challenge?

  • Streak-challenge is simple: it provides all the features you need but stays as simple as possible so you can concentrate on what matters
  • Share your progress: via the streak-challenge banner you can post your progress in your favorite forum, your blog and in every webpage that allows you to upload images.
  • Portable: there will be a mobile version of this site, which will allow you to access your account via your smartphone. Iphone and Android-Apps are planned, too.
  • Challenge your friends: it is much easier to motivate yourself when competing with other people. Beside the general highscore there is the opportunity to add friends an compete with them. In the future there might be the possibility to arrange your friends in groups

I like this idea, but ...

Since this is just the beta version, there might be some errors in functionality and also some spelling issues. If you found a mistake, I would be very thankful if you report it to me. Suggestions for improvement and additional features are also very welcome!

If you miss any feature or functionality, please tell me via the contact form or open a topic in the discussion board.